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Web Surveys and Reporting
With over 25 years of survey and technology experience, DRC is uniquely qualified to provide large-scale Web surveys.

DRC’s electronic-based services go well beyond simply collecting information on the Web. We produce large-volume online reporting, quickly and efficiently. Up-to-the-minute reports give you and your organization the in-depth information and analysis you need to make good business decisions.

DRC’s Web technology is backed by full-service research consulting and process management for seamless execution of the survey project. We’ve created a streamlined, proprietary process that makes creating survey formats, collecting survey data, and reporting results direct and problem free. DRC’s survey methodology and technology expertise make web-based surveys an excellent survey alternative.

Easy-to-Complete Survey Forms
Customers or employees complete the survey on the site. Our sample selection process and pre-assigned access codes allow you to have complete control over who participates in the survey. The data is protected with the highest security available.

The online survey is formatted to your specifications. The forms are designed for ease of use so respondents simply click to answer multiple choice, true and false, and scaled questions and type comments into special text boxes. As with paper surveys, respondents complete the survey at their convenience, at one sitting or over time. When complete, the respondent submits the survey and the responses are immediately available for processing.

Online Reports Provide In-depth Feedback
Survey results are tabulated automatically and, since responses are captured exactly as the respondent entered them, their accuracy is assured. Response rates and survey details are immediately available, making it easy to track survey progress.

Once the survey process is complete, our menu-driven, online reports provide easy access to the results. Our sophisticated report options include tables, charts, and narratives and our technology is specifically geared for efficient distribution of a large quantity of reports. Summary reports give an overall view of the results. Detail reports allow for drill downs for targeted analysis. And we can incorporate live links that, for example, make it easy to link employee survey results to training programs. Smart access codes that allow some individuals to view all reports and others only selected reports.


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